About US

Who Are We?

Fourtec – Fourier Technologies is a recognized leader in data logging and monitoring solutions, providing intuitive, easy-to-deploy hardware and software solutions for controlled industrial environments, within a wide range of applications. Including: food, cold chain, pharmaceutical, medical, agriculture and production industries. Our product line includes multi-functional data logging devices and a unified modular software platform for monitoring processes. Fourtec is distributed in Australia by Esis Pty Ltd.

What Can We Do for You?

As a proven specialist in cold chain management systems, we deliver end-to-end solutions that accompany products from the processing floor to the end user. Our solutions can answer all your data acquisition challenges and enable you to deliver higher quality products, ensure consumer safety, comply with regulatory requirements, decrease quality costs and increase profitability.

When Did We Start?

Fourtec is a spinoff company based on the industrial division of Fourier Systems, a world leader in data acquisition and monitoring, with more than 20 years of experience in serving this market. Fourtec was established as an independent company in April 2011.

What Else?

  • We operate in over 70 countries worldwide via an established chain of distributors
  • We manufacture over 80,000 products annually
  • We are an associate member of the Global Cold Chain Alliance
  • We are certified to ISO management system standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 1400